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Delay spray

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Delay spray for men helps you avoid embarrassing leaks or premature ejaculation. It calms the body and strengthens you by making you wait as long as possible to orgasm. The formula also comes with an applicator bottle that aids easy spray application.

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timing spray
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Timing spray

As the name suggests, men use this delay spray in Pakistan for the penis worldwide to delay the climax or increase timing. And men worldwide suffer from early ejaculation, which is a huge embarrassment in front of their partners.

So, now they don’t have to worry about it anymore because this product is like magic for them. And this product will increase sex time by about 50%. So men can enjoy their sexual mating with their partners. Your penis will stay strong for 40 minutes to 1.5 hours after using this spray on your dick.

How to use delay spray with pictures

You can use this 10 or 20 minutes before intercourse. Or you can use it every morning for six to two hours before sex with your partner.

Apply this around your penis area. And cover it all using this spray. Furthermore, wait for the magic to happen and enjoy your time.

Men can use this product longer and even worry less about early ejaculation. Moreover, your female partner will love you for your confidence in bed. And will want to do more.

You will gain confidence in your sexual power and ability to perform for extended periods in bed.

It is a quick-acting product that we can use before mating. And it will make your penis hard and long.


Delay spray in Pakistan

Delay the spraying in Pakistan.

Pakistani people love this product as it fulfills their sexual requirements. And everyone enjoys sex with great power and strength.

So, this product can make your dick as hard as a steel rod. And which your partner will feel inside her. And she will want it more.

Best timing for spraying in Pakistan

There are many types available in Pakistan.

  • Hims
  • Deadly shark spray
  • sex timing spray
  • Eros
  • Viga
  • Knight rider
  • largo

And many more to name.

Sex time delay spray in Pakistan

If you are suffering from early timing, you don’t have to worry about that. Because you can apply it 15 minutes before mating, you will last for even 1 hour in bed.

The imported delay spray price in Pakistan is $2,000, depending on which brands you use. And Knight Rider Delay Spray is Rs 1200 for three cans. Furthermore, each can contain 15 mL of liquid.

These three cans will last you and your partner 2 to 3.5 months. And sex time delay spray in Lahore is available. You can buy it from the physical outlet. Moreover, you can also buy it on the internet using online websites.

Viga delay spray, how to use timing spray

Its price in Pakistan is RS 1000 for a 45-ml pack. And it will boost your sexual timing and strength. Moreover, a small part of it can cause you to stay in bed all night. And even your partner will be tired, but not you.

This product removes sensitivity from your cock. Furthermore, when we apply this to the skin of the penis, it will absorb and prolong the sexual time. And without numbing it, you can still enjoy sexual pleasure.

Furthermore, it is safe, and with no harmful effects, this product does its job. Apply 3 to 5 sprays before sex, depending on your own will. And enjoy the whole night with your lover.

Largo delay spray side effects.

We tested to ensure that this product, the timing spray, is safe to use and won’t hurt us.

And beware of fake online products because they can damage your penis tissues. And can cause a huge problem.

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Best Timing Spray Made in Germany

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  1. Zafer

    Very Very Effective timing spray amazing product made in Germany thanks sir


  2. Fiaz Baloch

    Spray such mien boht kumaal ka hain bus 15 mint pehlay luga lu pher muzay shukria.

    Fiaz Baloch


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timing spray
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