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Penis enlargement pump

penis enlargement pump is a mechanical working device. It is the only usable device. There are separate devices for women. But this is only for men. A penis enlargement pump is used before sex. You plug the pump one. It comes with both battery and electric supply. You can choose any of them

Erection Pump

This penis pump has a tube-like shape. A cram comes with a pump or is available in the market separately. The pump has a vacuum. Then set the vacuum pressure inside the pump. Then put your dick inside the pump. And pull your dick upward with the help of lubrication; it becomes easier.

The blood flow toward your cocks increases. Which also increases the size of your cock; it also makes it thicker. The penis pump is easily available online in the sex toys category. The penis pump works externally. It doesn’t affect internally and is safe to use. If you feel it hard, you can increase the lubrication. There is also a pressure control method.

penis pump
penis pump

Working of pump

You can decrease the vacuum pressure, which makes the pump less tight. The tightness of the pump on your dick makes it pull upward and make it enlarge. This pump is used by women but on their silicon dick. The dick made of silicon also becomes enlarged if they apply a pump.

It looks bigger and thicker. They also have to apply lubrication; otherwise, their silicon tear-ups. The high pressure also affects them. High pressure increases the temperature, which is not safe for a natural penis. And also, not for silicon products, its damages them.

Side Effects of pump usage of different prices

It costs from two thousand to ten thousand. Some pumps work manually that are cheap. The pumps with a motor attached to them are expensive. There are sometimes very harmful full effects of this pump. Know you think you have to use them externally, so how can the effect.

  • The main problem is the very painful complete ejection of sperms.

  • The penis becomes very pressed even sperm cannot pass from them.

  • The process is very pain full.

  • Some people even increase the pressure so high that pumps become their killer.

Yes, these pumps can kill you. The reason is a burst of veins. The pressures increase the blood flow, which may even cause the burst of veins. The pump also affects the outer surface. It causes long-term marks on the penis. There are marks on it on the pump. The pump case has tightness on a different side.

Bad Results

The penis enlargement pump is shorty term heaven but has a long-term effect. The skin becomes pressed on some side loss on some time then after some time. When it became lost, the all-penis lost its strength. But it’s all up to you not to increase the pressure so high that it affects it.

All working is physically related, so its effects are also physical. But a damaged penis during intercourse is the source of pain for you. So, use it properly after reading the manual.


The penis pump demand increases daily due to external use, not entering the blood or affecting any internal organ. You can also concern your doctor for these pumps. Many tutorials on the internet are available for the usage of pumps. You can learn the usage of the pump from the internet then apply it to you.

Do not use the pump without proper knowledge. The daily use of a pump is not safe. It causes permanent damage to veins inside the penis, which is more dangerous than any effect. So, use them properly.


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