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Vega Tablet

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Male Spirit India’s Vega tablet is the first and only tablet to boost testosterone and a strong penis erection. This formula tastes like mint and is full of potassium. It boosts adrenaline, which increases sexual desire and libido.

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Vega tablet
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999.00 2,200.00
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Vega 100 tablets price in Pakistan

Vega tablet price in Pakistan Sexual Enhancement Long Timing Pills, No Side Effect 1 hour before sexual time and improve your life are pills known as “blue pills” in sexual products. It is a pill used to treat ejection problems. A Vega tablet is used when the man cannot control his ejection. With these tablets, men will prevent the ejection of cock. Which of these restores joy to his sexual life? Try it once if needed. This medicine is revolutionizing the level of pleasure.

Sex timing tablet

Vega timing tablets are a medical internal body treatment. The Vega 100 tablets price in Pakistan controls blood flow and is used to treat this problem. This medicine 100 pill dissolves in the blood and regulates its flow to the sensitive organ. So, Vega tablet timing is more than 30 minutes, which is enough time to get extreme joy. Take them with a glass of water.

Vega tablet uses in urdu

You have to take one tablet before sex. Taking more than one tablet is not safe. To make the process safe. Take only one. The tablets are in special packaging and recommended by a doctor. Therefore, you can improve your sexual timing if you take them properly. Try to use them with clean water. Soft drinks and alcohol are restricted because they can cause reactions.

Vega tablets use

In addition, they have to have thirty minutes of sex. Because pill work takes different times in different bodies, The process is different in other bodies. So please take it according to the prescription of a doctor. Otherwise, it will be hazardous for you. Then read the medication inside the packaging of the tablets. The Vega tablet used in Urdu is identical to the one mentioned above in English.

Vega tablet price in Pakistan

Vega tablet in Pakistan

Vega 100 tablets price in Pakistan is becoming a brand of trust for some people. Vega tablet prices in Pakistan range from 1,000 to 2,000, depending on the dosage. Furthermore, the Vega 500mg tablet price in Pakistan is 1,000. And three hundred Pakistani rupees. In Pakistan, the Vega 100 tablets price in Pakistan costs one thousand and five hundred rupees.

Vega tablet side effects

The recommended method of usage poses a severe problem. The tablets, or whatever you call them, are pills. This stuff has to enter. And when the thing enters your blood, it means it has been improperly used—or not. Similarly, these tablets have effects that are

  • Redness appears on the external skin layer.
  • Skin becomes extremely sensitive to touch or heat.
  • Pain in a muscle.
  • The stomach becomes upset.


The black cobra tablet is not for queens. It is kings’ pills. In addition, youngsters also have to keep them away. The tablets are high-dose medications that cause liver problems. It can destroy several organs. These pills may be taken with or without meals, as the doctor has prescribed.


However, you could also take it up to 4 hours before sex. This medicinal drug will help you. Get or preserve the erection quickly if you are sexually inspired. Do not take more excellent pills for fear of immediate consequences. Erectile disorder is when a man cannot attain and maintain an erection good enough for sexual activity. This occurs due to decreased blood froth.

Due to physical injuries and certain scientific conditions. Or some mental situations: tension, stress, melancholy, and so forth. In the event of any rapid change, move to the hospital rapidly. Otherwise, it becomes too late.


A few side effects of pills include flushing, headaches, and stomach upset. Dizziness blurred imagination and prescience, and so on. In addition, they are also not for people with heart and vein problems. Avoid the stuff if you think your life is more important.

They have hidden long-term killing effects. With age, the body becomes weaker. Sex is a short-term joy; health is a lifetime joy. Suppose you want the Vega tablet in Urdu, which is the dream of your question.

Vega tablet price in Pakistan

Wholly specialized in their work. They did their work correctly without disturbing organs if taken under control. Observing a proper consultant is necessary for a healthy recovery from this early discharge problem on the bed, which makes men shag. Try it with Skill Z, not mentality.

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Penis Hardness and timing tablets

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Vega tablet
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